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How it Works

⏰ Track the Conferences You Applied to

See your upcoming Conferences and submissions in one place. Make sure you don't double book, and keep track of which abstracts you submitted.

Early Access to Hundreds of CFPs 🗣

Apply early and clear your schedule for can't miss events. Pro users get access to CFPs three weeks before they're published on CFP Land publicly.

⭐️ Never Miss Your Favorite CFP Again

Some events are more important than others. Export events to your calendar or "Save" a Conference to get extra email alerts when the CFP is nearing its due date.

Exclusive Features

Save searches to get alerted when new CFPs match your criteria.Track CFPs you've applied to, been accepted at, and rejected from.Save specific conferences to get reminders when the CFP is due.Export conferences to your personal calendar.Save your abstracts and keep track of which ones you submitted to each conference.Complete web and mobile (progressive web app) interface.See CFPs 3 weeks earlier than free users.
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Why Go Pro?

My name is Karl, and this year I am on track to collect over 1000 tech conference CFPs and send them out to thousands of speakers via Twitter, email, and RSS for free. 😁

Now I'm building CFP Land Pro for people who speak as a part of their job or business. The goal of this product is to help you become a more successful speaker, and to make sure CFP Land continues running. 🏃♂️

If you're interested, sign up to get early access and lock in a 50% discount for life. If there's a feature that's missing or that would really set this tool apart, email me 💌. I'm a real person, and I want to build the best product possible for speakers like you.

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